First Laser Hair Removal Appointment

So, after much deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and get under my chin/neck as well as my lip lasered.

This was one daunting and embarrassing topic and after asking around, went to someone recommended by a family friend.

I was so awkward and nervous and humiliated going in and talking to someone about this situation, but have to say she made me feel relatively at ease. She advised that she deals with a lot of women with PCOS and much worse situations than me who have had great results.

First off, she started with shaving all the areas she would be lasering and then applied an ice pack to my chin to try and numb the area as it is most sensitive and then began lasering my upper lip as well as a small bit below it.  This was totally different to when I first began laser about 10 years ago on my under arms and belly, this was almost bearable!

Then came the chin… I have no say, I hardly felt anything! Phew! It is literally like a tiny elastic band flicking your skin very mildly. It was almost relaxing in a way.

I am booked in for 4 weeks from now for a follow up appointment – fingers crossed this all works for me!!! Ill have to see if she can send through the before and after photos from the first appointment, because it is insane how bad it really was. (If all goes to plan, I will be looking at lasering EVERYTHING!)