My First Ever Pregnancy Blood Test

For a few weeks now I have been terribly nauseas, lost my appetite and extremely lethargic. The other week I decided to go to the doctors as enough was enough – it was interfering with work (due to no eating I was exhausted come lunchtime and had to go home each day) and personal life (I was a grumpy mess).

When I got there and described my symptoms, the doctor straight away asked when was my last period. I went to my trusty P.D. App and checked it – according to it I had some very light bleeding two weeks prior (which has been the case lately, after sex I bleed for a day or two) and the doctor sent me off to get a pregnancy blood test. I told him it was impossible as the specialist the year prior had told me that I would never fall pregnant, but he shook it off and said he has seen it happen. So off I went to get my blood test done whilst almost having a panic attack as I hate needles so much!

The nurse told me that the results should be in the next day so I had to book an appointment to get my results. That night, I obviously got over-excited at the prospect of being pregnant, I dreamt I was and then woke in the middle of the night to an extremely bloated stomach and sat there rubbing it thinking it had to be true. I had to be pregnant.

I decided to call up the following morning to see if the results had arrived – which they hadn’t! So I had to reschedule for the following day. I was too anxious to wait for the results so I did an at home test. Did the whole peeing-on-a-stick thing and …. NEGATIVE! I was devastated. I actually had high hopes that I was finally pregnant. I went back to being sad, angry and negative and hating the world in general. My girl friend was looking on the positive side of life and said those tests aren’t always accurate, so I still went off to the doctors but didn’t have high hopes like the previous day.

When I walked in to the doctors office he asked how I was feeling – much of the same as the past few weeks – and went in to get the results, as he was reading, I said to him “came back negative?” and he confirmed it with a solid “Yes. Lucky you, you aren’t pregnant after all, must just be a virus” but I was hoping for the opposite.

It has been almost four weeks since then and I still have nausea, not continuous but comes and goes as it pleases. I did, however, get my first ever period since going off of the pill in May 2016 (this period lasted for 12 days which was hell) and hopefully going back to normal.